Starting up

Starting Up

The Transforming Musicology project officially started on 1 October.

Here at Goldsmiths we have most of our team in place: Tim Crawford and Christophe Rhodes are both members of staff in the Computing Department, and David Lewis and Ben Fields are now in the office on a weekly basis. Daniel M├╝llensiefen in the Psychology Department will also be working closely with us. And I'm very happy to be back at Goldsmiths full-time. We're expecting to hire a Ph.D in time to start for January.

Our colleagues at Queen Mary comprise two full time members of faculty, Mark Sandler and Geraint Wiggins, and they will be hiring a Ph.D to work on mid-level semantic representations of music and an RA to work on audio feature design. At Oxford, Laurence Dreyfus will be hiring a Ph.D to work on Wagner leitmotives. Also at Oxford, Dave De Roure and Kevin Page are both full-time staff at the Oxford e-Research Centre who will be devoting some of their time to working with us on a Semantic Web infrastructure for musicology. And at Lancaster University, Alan Marsden will be co-ordinating our digital musicology mini-projects.

A considerable amount of my effort so far as been spent on developing a wiki for internal project management use. We are using Joey Hess's IkiWiki software which is highly extensible and makes use of the git distributed version control system for content management and history. I've also been responsible for designing this website and blog; any comments very welcome!

Over the next three years we will be seeking to promote and develop music information retrieval techniques for musicological research. We're very interested in engaging the musicological community in this and we very much encourage participation and expressions of interest. Watch this space for an announcement regarding our mini-project funded research opportunities later in the year.

And do follow us on Twitter: @TMusicology.

EDIT: 2013-10-30: Added links to Ph.D advertisement pages.