Data and Software

The Transforming Musicology project has created, modified or used a range of software and data:

  • For our Hearing Wagner activities, tools and data were generated for annotating a live performance of Wagner's ring under the name Musak
  • Linked Data about Early Music Online and the Electronic Corpus of Lute Music (ECOLM), arising from the SLICKMEM project can be accessed via a SPARQL endpoint at
  • Ben Fields explored annotations of the website (previously RapGenius). To support that, he developed a tool to sample annotations and their authors from the site. The data is not yet available for download (please contact Ben directly if you are interested).
  • Richard Lewis developed a parser for the lute tablature format used by ECOLM, tabcode. The parser can convert tabcode to our tablature extension of MEI. (If you're interested in our continuing work on guitar and tablature representation MEI, updates should appear soon on the relevant MEI github page)
  • Richard Lewis and Justin Gagen worked together on encoding the libretto of Das Rheingold in a format suitable for publishing through SayIt! software. This makes the text easily browsable and searchable. The data required to load into SayIt! is available here.
  • We published a pdf list of elaboration patterns (derived from Howard Meyer Brown) used in our ISMIR 2016 article on lute embellishment patterns.