Digital Musicology Scholarships at DHOxSS 2016

Digital Musicology Scholarships at DHOxSS 2016

We invite applications for two scholarships for delegates attending the Digital Musicology workshop of the Digital Humanities @ Oxford Summer School. One scholarship is provided by the Arts and Humanities Research Council's Digital Transformations Theme and the other is provided by the University of Oxford e-Research Centre and Transforming Musicology project.

Eligibility and Application

The scholarships are open to anyone registered on a Ph.D (or MPhil) programme or who has completed their Ph.D no more than three years ago (i.e. passed their viva examination in March 2013 or later). Those who are already registered for DHOxSS 2016 or who have received a scholarship or bursary to attend DHOxSS in previous years are not eligible for this scholarship.

We are particularly seeking scholars who are pursuing musicological research areas (including, but not at all limited to, historical musicology, ethnomusicology, and music theory and analysis) and who can demonstrate how digital technology will enhance their research. Therefore, applications must be in the form of one side of A4 describing your area of research, your intended use of digital techniques, and your expected benefit from attending the workshop.

Applications should be sent by email to and must be received no later than 17:30 GMT+1 on Wednesday 20 April.


The recipients of the scholarships will be informed no later than Tuesday 3 May and will be required to confirm their attendance by Friday 6 May.

The first scholarship covers the full registration fee for the Summer School and the cost of accommodation at St. Hugh's College. The second scholarship covers just the full registration fee for the Summer School. Therefore, in your application please indicate whether or not you wish to be considered for the fees-only scholarship.

Neither scholarship will cover any further expenses such as travel and subsistence.

Digital Musicology Workshop

Applied computational and informatics methods for enhancing musicology

Dates: 4—8 July 2016

You can find full details of the workshop on the Summer School website:

Summer School

The workshop is part of the Digital Humanities @ Oxford annual Summer School. As well as the workshop programme there are numerous events in the Summer School including keynote lectures and evening social events.

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Summer School Bursaries

The Summer School also has a small number of bursaries available. For details please see their website.