DLfM a Success for Transforming Musicology

DLfM a Success for Transforming Musicology

The 1st International Digital Libraries for Musicology workshop (DLfM 2014) was held on Friday 12 September, hosted at City University as part of the Digital Libraries 2014 conference (a joint conference of Thoery and Practice of Digital Libraries and the Joint Conference on Digital Libraries).

The workshop was chaired by two Transforming Musicology researchers, Kevin Page and Ben Fields and attracted over 40 participants. The day was filled with eight long papers, seven short papers, three posters, and six short papers answering the Transforming Musicology Challenge. Amongst those papers, several reported on Transforming Musicology work, including two from the mini-projects; Carolin Rindfleisch presented her work, carried out with Laurence Dreyfus, on "Using Digital Libraries in the Research of the Reception and Interpretation of Richard Wagner's Leitmotifs", Islah Ali-Maclachlan presented the mini-project work on digital library content for studying style in Irish traditional music, and Alan Dix and Rachel Cowgill presented their work on "Authority and Judgement in the Digital Archive". The chairs were very impressed with the quality of the submissions and see potential for future meetings on the strength of this.

Elsewhere in the Digital Libraries conference, Transforming Musicology was represented again by David Lewis, who presented work on using Linked Data for early music corpora.

The Transforming Musicology Challenge was won by Charalampos Saitis, Andrew Hankinson and Ichiro Fujinaga for their paper on "Correcting Large-Scale OMR Data with Crowdsourcing". Additionally, an award was given for the best paper read by a student to Carolin Rindfleisch.

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