Mini-projects: deadline approaching

Mini-projects Deadline Approaching

The deadline for applications for the Transforming Musicology mini-projects is fast-approaching: midnight on 21 March 2014.

Following our networking meeting in Lancaster on 12 February, there have been a number of questions regarding the full economic costing method. To clarify with respect to funding, bids on the basis of 'full economic costs' should have a total budget of c.£62,500 at most. Successful bids on this basis will receive 80% of full economic costs (i.e., c.£50,000). Bids on the basis of 'direct costs only' should have a total budget of c.£50,000 at most and will receive 100% of direct costs. Such bids cannot include estates or other indirect costs. Note that the constraints of our overall funding envelope mean that successful bids on both bases might be asked to trim their budgets.

There were also a number of questions about how mini-projects could or should contribute to Transforming Musicology's semantic web infrastructure and how technical requirements should be addressed. If, as part of your proposed project, you anticipate technical needs (eg. RDF-OWL Ontology creation, data-model serialisation or publication, algorithm development, feature extraction) that are outside of your budget and/or the expertise of those included on the project, then please make these requirements explicit in your proposal.

While the lack of technical capacity will not disqualify a proposal, the panel needs to use the limited resources of the main project effectively. Therefore, we recommend that you structure your proposal to make clear the benefits to Transforming Musicology, so the panel can accurately consider the outcomes against the additional technical needs of each proposal. Keep in mind that certain technical tasks, such as RDF publication using a triple store, ontology review and coordination, or reuse of a particular feature extractor, will in fact benefit from collaboration with the main project team and are encouraged.

If you couldn't make it to the networking meeting, you are still very much encouraged to apply. Please see the original announcement for full details of the application procedure. Best of luck with your applications!